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Noun, origin unknown. Someone who exhibits infantilistic and furry tendencies or humans who see themselves as baby animals. Often seen in diapers and may possess several pacifiers and baby bottles. Some sleep in large cribs. Related to furry and infantilism.
"Hey. Check out that raccoon in a diaper. He must be one of those babyfurs."
by Socks December 18, 2003
the patch of hair located above the male vagaga.
JD needs to pull the string out of his baby fur.
by the great P February 13, 2010
Like normal furries (or, more accurately, normal furries who dress in fursuits for sexual purposes, since most furries are just people who like art featuring anthropomorphic animals), babyfurs get sexual gratification from wearing a fursuit. Unlike normal furries, they also get sexual gratification from wearing diapers, watching Teletubbies, et cetera.
A typical babyfur likes to act like or dress as a baby anthropomorphic animal.
by the proton December 05, 2008
This is the "stuff" that first appears on a young lady as she approaches puberty. This is probably the first sign that a girl is becoming a woman.
See that cute young girl over there - I bet that she is just now starting to get her babyfur...
by Panchoman Jr. February 10, 2007
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