At times when certain people ingest LSD their phallus can become very limp, if you will, and of course, rather soft, and also sometimes malfunctions during uniration. This condition is referred to as babydick.

With some people, alongside babydick is a little thing called impotence. Or Whiskey dick, if you prefer. Trying to get a hard on can be the hardest of tasks. (No pun intended).
Sherlock Holmes: "Dude. Jeeves, I tried to get it on with this trick ass hoe from dowb the block last night. The thing is, I was trippin' balls last night and I had a case of babydick. I couldn't get it up.

Watson: "That's terrible, sir."
by Lancito October 08, 2006
A small but plump penis of an infant. A term often used negatively to reference a specific look or expression someone makes (implying that they want to molest a child) on social media sites
"Her picture totally looks like she wants a fat BabyDick in her mouth "
by FroWhite October 14, 2013
The act of been a little bitch or lame. Not willing to do something. Someone who isn't very outgoing.
Robert stop been a babydick and ask her out already!

dude stop been a baby dick and lets go out tonight
by Fernando Jaramuzchett January 09, 2009
Babydick is a term reserved for only the biggest of faggots, who are known to use racist remarks and take it up the anus like no other. Only Babydicks have perfected the technique of lying out of the things that they get into by insulting others when they aren't around.
Everybody knows Doug talks shit about everybody behind their backs, why does he have to be such a Babydick?
by babydickisafag February 06, 2008
For females: A name reserved for a young guy who older females find sexy
Older woman: Hey, I just saw babydick today. He was mighty fine!!
by KikiPie* September 06, 2009
Babydick is the phenomenon in which a normally endowed man will wear non-flattering underwear that minimizes the apparent size of his package.
Suzie: "So how'd it go last night with Jack?"
Rebecca: "Well at first I almost cried cuz he had total babydick in those Hanes (TM) boxerbriefs, but he just hiding.
Suzie: "Yeah, those had me fooled once too; too bad I didn't realize after I kicked him out and took a picture of him crying"
by Antedote August 18, 2011
a small penis. usually a turn off for girls and some men.
wes has a baby dick
by emicracker112 May 06, 2009
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