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A woman who wants a baby so bad that she subconsciously causes herself to get pregnant.
That Janet doesn't want her boyfriend to use condoms because she's baby crazy.
by Helicopterygii November 16, 2009
A person, usually a female, who wants a baby so bad she is willing to steal one. This usually occurs at random moments on the street or mall when a mother walks by pushing a stroller and the baby crazy person stops the poor lady to dote on the child.
You're walking hand in hand with a girl and she sees an infant. She stops, looks back at you, and says, "I want it." Of course, she does this in a deep throaty voice and her eyes turn black for a moment, reminding you of the exorcist. Your friend next to you says, "Damn, that bitch be baby crazy!"
by manofsin June 02, 2011