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A hot Mexican girl between the ages of 16 - 20. One whose so hot you know shes gonna be prego soon.
Damn man, I just drove by the high school and it was loaded with baby bombs
by nonnyboy September 11, 2009
When a male ejaculates inside of a female while having unprotected sex.
Bob: Dude, you were wasted last night! Did you hook up with that girl?
Carl: Yea! It was Awesome
Bob: Did you atleast were a rubber?
Carl: No, she was on the pill.
Bob: So... I guess you dropped a baby bomb?
Carl: Yea, It just feels so good once I start.
by Stuffs March 12, 2008
When you get shit on your fingers while checking a baby's diaper.
Wife: You've been washing your hands for ten minutes. What happened?

Husband: Jacob baby bombed me.

Wife: Sucks to be you.
by 2014_chiguy June 12, 2013
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