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A boner that is of non-sufficient size to most women. It cannot be bigger than 2" hard, hence why it is called a 'Baby B' which is short for a Baby Boner. Sometimes called a stealth or ninja boner as well since most girls cannot feel it...
When your pants hit the floor, the woman starts pointing and laughing at your Baby B. She will then tell you she has absolutely no intentions of sleeping with you and that she's actually having a family emergency and has to leave. Women will ask if it's in yet and you have already finished unleashing your shortage of dead babies onto her toes.
by Richard from the Gym June 22, 2009
the baby brother of the two brothers in your fraternity. he has tendencies to act quite strange. Being a Baby B does have some redeeming qualities, he happens to be a complete stud, and usually a tank when drinking is involved. However, extreme caution is advised due to the fact that once the baby B has crossed the point of no return whilst drinking he will face heavy hurling consequences....
Have you seen Baby B in there? That boy is grinding it up on the dance floor?
by confederate{OX}sumbitch December 31, 2010
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