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1. A cartoon and comic book character, circa 1940s to 1970s, when comic books were still about comedy, and briefly reappearing in the mid-1990s. He had a peculiar baby-like vocabulary and grammar that included statements like, "I yamn't going to do this any more".

2. A big, fat slob, or a blundering idiot.

3. A style, or lack thereof, in which one's shirt is too short, typically because of the size of the belly, so that the bare belly protrudes quite grossly below it. This is not to be confused with tops that are cropped in order to intentionally display a nice-looking tummy. However, it could easily apply to the bare tummy of a person who is seriously mistaken in the belief that it looks nice.
1. Baby Huey had the mentality and grammar of a baby, in the body of a champion sumo wrestler, and was usually accompanied by his diminutive and aptly-named sidekick, "Cousing" Dimwit.

2. Hey, Baby Huey! Would you get your finger out of your nose long enough to open your eyes and look where you're going?

3. Pull your shirt down; you look like Baby Huey!
by Downstrike November 03, 2005

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