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1. A male who acts like a child, when they are old enough to be a parent.

2. A husband who acts like the guy you dated in highschool.

3. When a man thinks they are not being coddled enough by anyone.

4. An ex boyfriend/husband who thinks everything you do is because you are still in love with them!!
This morning my husband was being a baby douche. He thinks everyone needs to hold his hand. When our eleven year old was playing a joke on him, he decided to act like a child and pull her hair. Then he threw a tantrum when I said I would not go to the store and get him cigarettes. He is a grown man acting like a child. Therfore he is a baby douche.
by steffyb March 12, 2010
A teenager or very young adult that mistakenly thinks that being a douchebag is cool and who thus essentially becomes an apprentice douchebag that will one day probably become a full fledged douchebag, forever beyond hope of ever becoming a decent human being.
Jersey Shore probably created a lot of baby douches who may otherwise have stayed on a more civilized path in life.
by minagica June 15, 2015
1) a person who acts rudely or arrogantly under the guise of being cute.

2) a person who manipulates a potential love interest but still comes out looking adorable.

3) a cute bitch
Dude A: Why do you like Lisa? All she does is treat you like crap and mooch off you.

Dude B: What are you talking about? She's so cute!

Dude A: Come on. She's such a babydouche.
by smatsy February 17, 2011
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