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4 definitions by minagica

A combination of guitar chords bitches love. It's the pseudo-musical panty-remover. Oasis's 'Wonderwall' is an excellent example.

For those who like a challenge, the definition can be narrowed down to chords that specifically resonate at a vagina's natural frequency, causing intense orgasm :P
I'm gonna buy a guitar and in a week I'll play some pussy chords and get laid. Maybe I'll actually learn when I have time though.
by Minagica July 10, 2010
Fructose content of a chemical solution or fruit.
At an average of 25125mg per serving, the fructosity of raw, peeled apples is rather high.
by minagica April 10, 2011
Sucrose content of a sugar solution. Since sucrose is also the regular table sugar, the word can simply mean sugar content of a drink, juice or syrup.
In order to run our experiment, we had to increase the sucrosity of our solution gradually, by about 5 grams of sucrose at a time.
by minagica April 10, 2011
Dextrose content of a (chemical) solution, including blood. Also a pun on dexterity, due to non-intrusive blood sugar monitoring devices which are essentially looking for the glucose content of blood (dextrose is also known as d-glucose) by shining light through one's finger.
A: "I have been feeling very feint lately."

B: "Maybe you have low blood sugar, go get a blood test."

A: "But I am afraid of needles."

B: "Then get a dextrosity check, you pussy."
by minagica April 10, 2011