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A hi-tech device used to make heterosexual men think homosexual thoughts. Best summed up by Stephen Colbert, who in his book gave baby carrots an 11 out of 10, in how successful they were in trying to turn him gay.
Baby carrots are turning me gay!
by PossumCuber December 07, 2009
15 5
a small penis, or a name for a man who has a small penis
He has a baby carrot.
What did Baby carrot say?
by KellyAnn August 17, 2006
167 47
(noun) A small penis.
Did you see the huge truck that Justin bought? Bet ya he has a baby carrot!
by Kelly Keller November 09, 2005
116 18
Carrots that have regressed to infancy.
Baby carrots are trying to turn me gay.
by coreyoyea March 27, 2008
30 17
A small, baby penis. Usually under a 9 inch standard and often found in places where a "Peta" member is.
I saw that guy nearly get his babycarrot taken away by that girl's pussy monster.
by MuppetMania December 11, 2011
4 2
An extremely large clitoris. (as defined per Trish from Tuscon,AZ in a drunken fit by the pool in Las Vegas)
As I went down on the girl I pulled back her flappy labia to reveal a giant baby carrot, much larger than my kernel of corn.
by Kevind1207 August 17, 2006
63 61
A Bay Port term meaning that something is lame, uncool, or not done well; slang for a tiny penis.
Hey Jon, AP Stats is so baby carrot; Robb's penis is so baby carrot.
by Bay Port Band Pirate January 31, 2011
17 41