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A drink/concoction of the Gods.Aids you in the slick departament.Used by the more lively gentleman to provde a certain BOOM to a night out.Can contain vodka/rum/absinthe etc.mixed in a plastic bottle for maximum transport capabilities.
Yeh we were out last night and obviously had a severe amount of "Bababoosh" because we were eating pavement.
by willdama October 29, 2009
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Bababoosh is a large and strong quantity of mixed spirits, that will leave the drinker absolutely tanked and possibly incapable of walking or talking. Examples of spirits that are used would be vodka, rum, absinthe and gin. Bababoosh may also contain non-alcholic substances for flavour.
I drank so much bababoosh last night and can't remember a thing
by lice2 October 28, 2009

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