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Gary Dell'abbate from the Howard Stern show.
His other name is Bababooey because of an inside joke about a cartoon cell a long time ago. Artie Lange is on the show too, he rocks! Now give me 1000 thumbs up to help me fight cancer! Thanks!
by Andi March 16, 2005
Nickname for Howard Stern show producer Gary Dell'Abate. Bestowed on him when one day during a show Gary insisted that he had a animation cell of Quick Draw McGraw sidekick "Baba Booey" When Gary was proven wrong (actually "Baba Louie"), as punishment Howard called Gary Baba Booey for the rest of the broadcast. After the broadcast, Gary was heard to say "Well, I'm glad that joke's over." Little did he know.
Ridiculed for having big teeth, bad breath, looking like a monkey or a babboon, and being overly defensive when something he does is questioned.
"His teeth are green and skunky, and he looks just like a monkey, Baba Booey"
"What is it, Baba Booey?"
by Henry June 16, 2006
Nickname of Howard Stern Show producer Gary Dell’ Abate. Coined after referring to an animation cell in his collection called "Babalouie". It has become the catchphrase of the show, and has many variances such as "Tatatoothy" in reference to his abnormally large teeth, "Flaflafloley", and "Mamamonkey" due to his vague resemblance to a primate.
Although often maligned, Dell’ Abate has distinguished himself as a talented and gifted producer and an integral part of the iconic show.
Not applicable, as it is used instead of his name.
by Mister Skin July 26, 2005
Horse toothed jackass from the Howard Stern Show (He is also pussy whipped)
Bababooey has to wear a bee keepers helmet on the E! show so I am able to jerk off to the hot chicks
by Teabag March 27, 2005
A derisive nickname for Gary Dell'Abate, often mocked foil of the Howard Stern posse - It originated on-air when Gary incorrectly identified cartoon character sidekick of Quick Draw McGraw (Actually Baba Louie) - Gary then collected hand-drawn art cels from cartoons - An activity that was, itself, often ridiculed by Howard
Let's see what Ba Ba Booey has to say about this
by R.Titus March 20, 2008
Gary Dela Bate from Howard Stern show collected animation originals. He mistakenly thought the cartoon charater Baba Looey was actually Baba Booey. The name has stuck as an idiot who thinks he knows something when he really is a total idiot!
Baba Booey was about to leave a Cleveland Steamer on Jackie The Jokeman, but instead was promoted to a Brown Star General!
by klip July 13, 2005
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