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a person whose in the illusion of living in a parallel world, where he wins whenever and whatever he plays (usually restricted to indoor activities, as he is usually not very physically capable).
In the real world he always loses.
Haar kar bhi jeetne vaale ko baazigar kehte hain.
Vo dekho baazigar fir haar gaya.
After a loss Baazigar: Main haara kahaan, I escaped the game.
After a loss Baazigar: Game lag kar raha tha, tera computer faster hai.
After a loss Baazigar: Kal koi nayi game laate hain..kaunsi laoon?
by comeonyaar July 01, 2010

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someone who steals womens hearts and dominates other guys
-from Hindi
karan desai is a baazigar
by Desai December 05, 2004