Top Definition
bring your own food
Guy: Hey are you coming to the restaurant?
Girl: No, I'm allergic to the food.
Guy: It's no big deal, just BYOF!
by n0 r3gr3tz September 26, 2010
to bring your own friends
Mike:"Yo man is that bonfire gonna be jerkin?"
E:"yea man its BYOF"
by huege coque June 10, 2009
Bring Your Own Fruit
Girl: Thirsty Thieme Thursday is tonight dude!
Boy: Dang! Who's supplin' the produce?
Girl: Naw mayn: its BYOF. Jack LaLanne gonna extract that shii
by chauwhat January 19, 2012
Bring your own flask.
They won't have an open bar at the wedding so it's a BYOF event.
by Hamuuuu November 28, 2010
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