Top Definition
BWAM: Boner with a motive.
Term used when a male has an erection after seeing someone sexually attractive.
Antonym: NRB
She was gorgeous, right away there was a BWAM.
by Jake Way October 27, 2005
An acronym meaning:


Currently used by The Fatal Outcasts
Dude1: Hey, did you see Max?
Dude2: Yeah, why?
Dude1: He made his own BWAM group.
Dude2: That's cool, think we can make one?
Dude1: 'Course, we just have BW
by VoiceOfChaos July 02, 2010
Black Woman Asian Man
They are soo goals #BWAM
by Hhfrhjhddvb July 09, 2016
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