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Hax0r and Pwner of all TFC servers.
Known for having more than one working CD-KEY.
Associated with myg0t.

Rages most players with ease and then makes a collage of their rage and posts it on for people to review and laugh at.
ZeroCompassion: you need a hack to win?
Butt_plug killed ZeroCompassion with axe
Butt_plug: yes
Butt_plug killed ZeroCompassion with ac
Zero_compassion: r u 10 years old?
Butt_plug: 9
Butt_plug killed ZeroCompassion with ac
ZeroCompassion: ok i cant beat a cheat
Butt_plug: i know
Butt_plug: you may as well leave
Butt_plug: i win
ZeroCompassion: so im you nut licker
Butt_plug: i win

Gilliam has banned me from cuz he be raged
by butt plug December 27, 2003
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