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BUTT DIALING; When you accidentally sit on your cell phone and dial someone up and don't realize it.Can result in serious damage to your friendships, particularly if you are talking about them or revealing information about yourself you might not have wished to share.
Call recipient-'Were you trying to call me?' Inadvertent Butt Caller-'No, what are you talking about?' Call recipient-'You keep dialing me up, and all I hear is background noise.' Alternate, less pleasant, Call recipient-"You asshole, I heard what you were saying about me!' Butt Caller to self: 'Oh my god, I've been Butt Dialing again1'
by Soggy Girlfriend March 03, 2009
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When you accidently call someone, while your phone is in your pocket, due to the buttons being pressed against your legs. Not to be mistaken with bootie call.
Alyssa: Damn! I keep butt dialing John. Maybe I should stop moving my legs so much...
Allison: (Oh my god, she's such a slut)
by CountryBoii December 03, 2010

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