Baked To Fucking Shit
Mary: Yo bro lets get BTFS
Flora: Okay im down
by crackamus July 26, 2010
booty-twistin' faggot (see also flaming homo)
a gay male who annoys others with his over-the-top feminine tendencies.
In Linving Color characters from the skit Men on Movies are such b-tfs
by tiabliaj February 28, 2011
The acronym that stands for Boob to Frame ratio. Its a mathematical ratio designed to determine how big a woman's breasts are compared to what her frame should be able to handle. It is used to discern how attractive a girl is when cup size doesn't tell the whole story.
Matt: Dude my girlfriend has bangin double d's!!
Ryan: Yeah... but she has shoulders like a linebacker, sorry bro but her BTF is waaaay too small for me.
by gbabyawesome July 13, 2011
Short for the band name, blessthefall.
"Dude, have you heard the new song by btf?"
by blessthefaller January 01, 2009
Best Tanning Friends

Your buddy you go tanning with. Your best girl or guy friend. Or just some random person you only hangout with when you go tanning together.
"I'm going tanning with my btf!" :)
by Wanna Be Tan Girl April 15, 2011
Bowl to Face
After work, I am going to a smoke a BTF!
by GBudsz February 09, 2011
Big Time Fag
Dude, he is a BTF.
by mr. mullefy April 23, 2010

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