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Big Slow White Guy. He's the big lug at the end of your basketball team's bench. Its best if he is from Eastern Europe. He can post-up, rebound, and block shots (if you are dumb enough to run into him). A lot of them are named "Greg".
Examples of BSWG are Greg Ostertag, Greg Kite, Greg Stiemsma.
by WankerBoy December 30, 2011
acronym; stands for "Big Sexy With Glasses". Taken from a line in the 2008 movie, Pineapple Express. A BSWG is a man whom you find attractive, both externally and internally, and would want to be romantically involved with
Jake Gyllenhaal is such a bswg. He's hilarious, seems sweet and is hot. I'd hit it.
by The Swaggering Cripple July 08, 2010
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