Black Rifle Disease- An obsession with the AR-16/M16 family of firearms. The sufferer feels the need to accessorize/buy more black rifles
I suffer from BRD, now my wallet is empty, but i have some cool guns
by BRD sufferer May 09, 2009
This is an acronym for "boys are dumb." It sounds like "bird" but is pronounced like "word." Can be modified as "BRRD" (boys are really dumb) with more Rs inserted as necessary.
Sara: So then he completely failed to pick up on my flirting, and went home alone.
Rachel: BRD.
by outofspite May 02, 2009
short for bitch riding dirty. or any girl that has one or more sexually transmitted diseases
greg: hey man that girl looks hot!

mj: naw man she's a brd!

greg: eww nvm then!
by call me jubs July 29, 2009
BRD is short for board.
john - hey whats up
jebus - nothing just BRD, you ?
john - same :(
by jebus-boii September 22, 2008

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