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Term used to describe a type of female that is:

- Easy to bang
- Takes money for sex
- Disappointed male does not get any
That fucking hooker, she gave me blue ball
by venge April 08, 2003
crazy dutchman who wears wooden shoes and is fond of chinese happy endings
by venge April 08, 2003
see penis

A term used to describe the male totem pole.
A dark room full of hookers, you are bound to hear:

Oh my, I have found capt winky!
by venge April 08, 2003
From the mullet family. This is a common find in the spanish sections of towns. Commonly found in mexico and surrounding U.S states.

This brand of mullet can be hostile in packs and are often nasty after a few tequilas
upon my trip to mexico, I noticed in the run down parts of the city a wild pack of spullets coming towards me.
by venge April 08, 2003
A term used to describe the lilbuddy
It comes from the ability for a woman to put her cooter on your penis and ride it all over the place like a scooter.
that slut rode my cooter scooter all over the place last night.
by venge April 15, 2003
On a good friday night, even your lilbuddy sees some action.
by venge April 08, 2003
a cool name for a punk band.
We're going to see cat yack tonight. They fuckin rule
by venge April 09, 2003
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