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An acronym standing for Beautiful Pale Eyes. Usually used as a nickname for someone with beautiful pale blue eyes.

BPE can also be used as a description for someone.
Girl 1: Hey girl, that's BPE!

Girl 2: Oh my gosh. I love his BPE!
by Irepmyhood September 08, 2011
Best Person Ever for short.
Any girl that qualifies as such.

Girl Must meet the following qualifications:
Must be
1. Intelligent
2. Cute/Gorgeous
3. A Great Person
4. A Great Girlfriend

If you see a B.P.E. on the street, you'd best chase her down, because if you miss your chance with her you'll regret it.

B.P.E.'s tend to make guys lives amazing, and in general, B.P.E.'s get attached to dogs as well.
Man... She really is a B.P.E.
by Jan 2, 2009 April 08, 2009
"Beep Pong Extravanganza"

Come prepared to drink, come prepared to win, but most of all...prepare to get your balls wet!
Hey guys! Are you going to BPE tonight?

Yeah, of course.

Cool. I hope no assholes like Chris or Jay come.

Yeah, me too.
by Steeeeeeph February 07, 2007
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