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A common slang term for a Polynesian or Pacific Islander
Hey, is that a gorilla or a boonga?!
by HOB October 11, 2004
Bitches On Our Nuts Getting Action
Mostly Used By A Bro When A Chick Is All Over Your Nuts.

That When Your Bro's Yell Out BOONGA!!!
by Crich aka Boonga June 18, 2009
Another name for a Juggernaut. Usually used when describing multiple juggernauts attacking. Also used when surprised by one and need to communicate quickly.
"Holy shit! There is ten boongas behind you!"
"There's a boonga!"
"We've located multiple boongas in every corner of the map"
by spignona84 November 23, 2011
Someone who smokes marijuana.
A boonga is the dreg of society.
by MrBelvedere September 05, 2009
That guy has a big boonga
by Jeff August 03, 2003