The acronymed version of blackout or get out. However, when bogoing, the drinker proclaims bogo status to proclaim that he or she is either blackout or attempting blackout. In fact, the get out part of bogo is irrelevant because one only proclaims the bogo when attempting blackout status.

First used by the infamous T-ROB in early 2009.
Thacher was so stoked the bar was serving him underage without an ID, he got his bogo on with buttery nipples.
#blackout #drunk #thacher stone #smashed #crunk #wasted
by Kordan Jugler July 13, 2009
Top Definition
Buy One, Get One (free or some lesser value)
that sale in produce, is it BOGO?
by stu f. May 04, 2004
American slang: Blow One, Get One. Oral sex performed in exchange for a favor or an item.
Dawn got a dub for the BOGO she did on Gary.
#blowjob #choker #facial #freebie #oral
by Speedog 2 December 17, 2010
Used as either an adjective or a noun, bogo is when two friends are a package deal. When one shows up, the other is sure to show up as well.
José: "Is Cindia going to be there?"
Kenny: "Briana is going to be there, and you know those two are bogo."
#buy one get one #buy one #get one #discount #half off
by CarMono July 16, 2011
Twins. A reference to a Buy One Get One sale, two offspring for a single act of coitus. Can be used to refer to identical or fraternal twins; male, female, or both.
Phil: How old are Nancy's kids
Steve: Seven.
Phil: Oh, they were BOGO?
#twins #two #boy #girl #bogo #buy one #buy one get one #get one #bonus #extra
by Asherael March 12, 2008
Buy One, Give One. A social enterprise business model popularized by TOMS shoes and later adopted by a number of other social businesses. For each item bought, another item is donated to someone in need.
One area of real growth is transaction-based giving, such as the "BOGO" model, in which a consumer buys a product and someone less fortunate receives the same product for free.
#social enterprise #business #charity #toms #nonprofit
by BOGO March 10, 2014
Similar to a bogan, a yobbo, a hooligan, someone with no style or class, or a person with a beer belly wearing stubbies holding a beer and talking with a thick accent.
eg. someone does something stupid, you say "you are a bogo"
#boggo #yobbo #bogan #loser #idiot
by the_smurf June 21, 2006
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