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A British political party:
The BNP are often rightly accused of being racist, fascist, etc. their aim as a party is to deport all "non-british" (have a grandparent from outsde of britain) british citizens. and create a "pure race". remind you of someone?

*COUGH* hitler *COUGH*
Don't really know what i could do for an example?:/
by iwillrapeurchildren April 25, 2011
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British National Party, patriotic and popular political group in the UK
The fastest growing political party in Britain, the BNP are appealing to more and more people due to the population of Britain being very disillusioned by the other main partys in the UK,

The BNP are expected to make massive gains over the next few years their leader is Nick Griffin.

The party is trying to fight Communism in the UK and get Britain out of the European Union, they also want a clamp down on immigration into the already crowded islands of Britain, because of this they have a few enemys from pro immigration and extreme left groups and Islamic immigrants, but many third generation immigrants from west indian and indian background are starting to support the patriotic BNP.
by creweman April 27, 2008
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A nationalist party with about 10,000 members.Took more than 800,000 votes in last Euro Election and has more than 20 councillors.This has been achieved in the face of a hostile government and a hostile press.In fact the more hate and hostility shown towards nationalists only encourages them to take back Britain from the traitors who are trying to destroy it.
It is possible to advance Nationalism in the BNP and stay within the law.Do right and fear no.one.
by Norse September 28, 2005
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A political party who should be running the UK. They are often only judged on their anti immigration legislations and other "racist" policies including deportation of illegal immigrants in this country. They do however ideas such as bringing back capitol punishment for minor offences such as theft (which will reduce the crime rates by 80%). They are often only given bad publicity by the BBC.

Quite often on their website they will tell about anti-white crimes which often do not make it into the paper or in extreme circumstances under the personal section on page 15 of the sun. Who has heard of the murder of Sean Whyte? he was a white 17 year old boy killed by a bunch of Asian youth thugs outside his home on a family birthday in September 2003. News of the murder never made it to the pages of the national newspapers or prime time viewing on BBC and other news channels. As far as the country’s media editors were concerned it was treated as a local incident.

How often do you hear about racial incidents on black "victims". They make headline news and front pages, take for example the Stephen Lawrence murder which according to the BNP website receives 190 pages after a search on the bbc website.
heritage, not hatred.

by AndyrWN May 18, 2005
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A political party that is not racist but is fighting for white right in England and that is also campaigning for a Better Britian - In Other Words, Tony and the Labour Party Out, Nick Griffin and the BNP Party In.
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by Jooooooooeeeeee!!!! July 23, 2006
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A legit political party in the UK who are commonly seen by dickheads as racist and stupid - although that is far from the truth.

The BNP want a better Britain, that's all.

You guys rock.
Guy 1: Hey, all these pakis are taking over this country
Guy 2: Start voting in the BNP
Guy 1: Coolio :D
by BigT 747 August 30, 2007
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The British National Party (BNP) are a Far-Right political party that claim not to be racist in there views but quite clearly are.

They beleve that anyone that is not white and was born in the United Kingdom does not have the right to stay in the UK.They beleve that when they get in power (which they never will) that they are going to remove all of the "pakis" and "niggers" and put them "back from where they came" exept they are from the UK DUH!!

They are also known to share views similar to those of the nazi party.The BNP also have the view that The Holocaust never happend despite the FACT that 11-17 million peole where murdered by the Nazis

In conclusion they are Racist with only one thing in mind and that is getting rid of everyone who is not white (sounds just like the nazis)

Did i mension that they are homophobic
Liam Birch, a sociology student standing as a BNP council candidate for Southway was dismissed as assistant warden at Plymouth University, when he posted in a blog that "The Jews declared war on Germany, not the other way round"

The party's deputy leader Richard Edmonds said, "We are 100 per cent racist
by Well-Well-Well April 13, 2011
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