Big Name On Campus. Someone who is a sort of social celebrity at university.
Like, oh my god, he's such a BNOC, and he's so good looking, how does he do it?!
by Sergio3 July 10, 2010
Top Definition
Big Name On Campus
1 - As Vanbrugh Chair, Tahir Shetty was perhaps the definitive BNOC.
by yorknames March 26, 2011
pronunciation - 'bē-nŏk

Acronym for the phrase Big Name On Campus, notably popularized at the University of Nottingham Hockey Club.
Girls in general: "Wow! Ayreso and Licker are massive BNOCs!"
by L5 January 13, 2009
Abbreviation of the phrase, "Big Name On Campus", word originally popularised by Sheffield University students but applicable to most modern universities. Contrasted to LNOC, or "Little Name on Campus".

Usually associated with a certain type of person, comprising some (or all) of the following characteristics:

- General sense of superiority and self-importance
- "A degree is more than just studying" types, who often criticise hard-working students for shunning extra-curricular 'activities' in order to concentrate of on the 'raison d'etre' of being at university, namely working hard and gaining valuable skills for future employment
- Private education

- Lack of life skills, synonymous with the "Mummy's girl/boy" type

- Membership of 'student activist' and 'champagne socialist' groupings including those such as Palestinian Solidarity campaigns, which launch futile campaigns against arms companies and boycott Israeli products - while their members use Facebook on their Iphones and drink Starbucks coffee. This is often of particular annoyance to non-BNOCs, who see no issue with the eating of Israeli dates or employment by BAE Systems

- Intense sense of 'morality' and 'ethical living', seen in such ill-thought out and infuriating activities such as bottle water bans
- Constant discussion of union politics and student officer elections, seen by many students as a poor use of public money
"Wow, I'm sitting opposite a BNOC in the libary"

"Sorry, this room is reserved for BNOCs"

"Have you heard that we live with a BNOC?"

"I felt belittled by the presence of so many BNOCS"
by Matty_L May 11, 2013
Big Name On Campus. A term championed by the members of Sexual Harassment Pandas F.C. A DIGS football team based at Aberystwyth University 2009-2012, consistent DIGS League winners and all round BNOC's to the highest degree
Non-BNOC - Did you hear about those Pandas smashing that other team 11-1 and then hitting the town so hard they were all in bed by 11:30??

Other Non-BNOC - Ye, their such BNOC's!! I wish I was those guys........

Non-BNOC - ye me too.......
by 1Panda2Panda3Panda4 November 21, 2011
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