When doing rates on Instagram, if someone is so beautiful, you say bms meaning broke my scale.
Tbh// you're so pretty, sweet, and fresh asf😍. Rate// bms
by cfpto January 31, 2015
broke my scale
OMG that girl is perfect she totally bms.
by hot oneeeee January 21, 2015
Acronym for Broke My Scale.
Used usually on instagram when users gives rates on another user's pic or account.
B:thanks @A
A: no problem @B
by foreverUnknown January 24, 2015
Bad Man Syndrome- A tendancy to fall to the temptation of irresistible memebers of the female sex. Typically on a night out of social interaction.

A syndrome most commmon in the Young Professional age bracket of 22-25years of age.

Feed the backs (male counterparts struggling to get into the game) doesn't enter into their vocabulary
An individual has BMS if deemed to be in a 'relationship' but doesn't know how to palm off female predators to 'feed the backs'
by RaydarLtd August 04, 2011
its a school in lynn mass. Breed Middle School
text me latter going to bms
by bmsstudent April 27, 2011
Abbreviation for Bad Motor Scooter
Used to refer to one's BadAss motorcycle or two-wheel vehicle.
Just get on your BAD MOTOR SCOOTER and Ride Ride Ride! - Sammy Hagar
by Didjtal August 08, 2005
Briscoe Middle School.

Big Massive Shit accurately defines this school as well as the following:

-totalitarian administration

-terrible school lunches

-no hugging your friends

-busloads of homework

-scary teachers who look very...rapey

-nun dress codes

-mean eighth graders

-obnoxious seventh graders

-freaky sixth graders

girl1: where do you go to school?

girl2: BMS.

girl1: Briscoe Middle school?!

girl2: yes.

girl1: so THATS why you dress like you're in a convent!
by i hate middle schoooool February 12, 2010

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