Acronym for Broke My Scale.
Used usually on instagram when users gives rates on another user's pic or account.
B:thanks @A
A: no problem @B
by foreverUnknown January 24, 2015
An abreviation for bIg massive shit
Morgan why do you always take a BMS whenever you come to my house.
by Brad Dunlap January 22, 2009
broke my scale
OMG that girl is perfect she totally bms.
by hot oneeeee January 21, 2015
Usually on Instagram when they comment on a persons picture meaning break my scale
Rate: BMS @A
AWWW thanks that's so sweet @B
by ~Lalle~ February 20, 2015
Broke My Scale
used mainly on Facebook to tell someone their rate of how attractive they are
Rate: BMS
by kiah_pludee👌 April 28, 2015
if you like a photo on Instagram or Facebook that says "like for a rate" and they give you a BMS rate it means (break my scale) as in you broke their scale of 1-10
Alicia - omg Caitlyn you are so BMS
Caitlyn- aww thanks ßæ 😘😍
by bye.felicia April 10, 2015
Blowing my Shit. Blow my Shit. An acronym used mostly in the New Jersey area.

To get on someone's nerves or to ruin something.

To kill a mood or a vibe.
Yo you're really bms.

Nah I don't want to go anymore my mom bms.

Dang that grade really bms

She bms keep asking all these questions
by runnergirl1008 July 25, 2015

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