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Big Lipped Ugly Mother Fucker
I walk out of a restaurant when I see BLUMFS in the Kitchen.
by Dave January 10, 2004
Big Lipped Ugly Mother Fucker
Your mother is a BLUMF!!!!!!!
by Jackson Jefferson September 03, 2007
An acronym for Big Lipped Ugly Mother Fucker, and a slang used by white surfer types from the Playa Del Rey/ Westchester, CA area in the late 1970's to describe a person of African descent with out angering them into a tribal uprising.
Damn Stelly, did you see that Blumf, his fro was gnarly huge.
by Slappysigfried October 20, 2013
Stands for Big Lipped Ubangy Mother Fucker. It is not ugly, like the previous example stated. Ubangy is slang for someone of African tribal descent. A deroggatory term for negroes..
-Most basketball players, including Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, and Gary Payton, are BLUMFs..

-Go collect your well-fare, like a BLUMF.
by racoon wallace February 01, 2005
Big Lip Ugly Mother Fucker
God your a fucking BLUMF
by Guy October 08, 2003
when you get a blowjob while going for a shit at the same time
guy: fancy a blumf?
girl: whats a blumf?
guy: c'mon into the shitter and i'll show you
by a-whales-vagina March 22, 2007

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