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The faggotiest fag to ever sail the seven colons. He appears in many sentences such as:

No one likes BLORTH, but he gets boners from all men and she-males so he sticks around anyway just to beat off to your name.
Quit being gay. You're so gay, that I think you're on the verge of being BLORTH gay.
by Elmdor March 17, 2005
A homosexual who loves teh cock.
You're so BLORTH.

Stop being so BLORTH.
by BLORTH March 17, 2005
1.) The best of the best in American Football.

2.) A person who can easily make a joke and has a great sense of humor.

3.) A person who is highly optimistic.
Kat > No, I don't think that's possible.

Tony > Oh yeah it is, ya just gotta be flexible. ;)
by Tony March 10, 2004