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An elite group of members who perform many acts of kick-assery and the such. They are regarded poorly by their peers, but in the past they were of the highest calibur of member. All who come near an ROKFD rampage will be severly wounded and should be rushed to a hospital immediately. Never ask to join the ROKFD for they harbour no allies only enemies.

ROKFD stands for Rotten Octopus Kung Fu Dicks.
The ROKFD came in destroyed our crops, ravaged our women, and defiled the goat.
by Elmdor March 05, 2005
The faggotiest fag to ever sail the seven colons. He appears in many sentences such as:

No one likes BLORTH, but he gets boners from all men and she-males so he sticks around anyway just to beat off to your name.
Quit being gay. You're so gay, that I think you're on the verge of being BLORTH gay.
by Elmdor March 17, 2005
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