Bln is the abbreviation for 'blunts lit nigga'
1. I'm listening to Undone, bln

2. We're going to have our bln, while we cruise around

3. Let's go to the movies, bln
by the original Doh January 05, 2011
Top Definition
Ball licking Noobs....New followers of a major or minor celebrity that believe he or she can do or say no wrong, and hang on their every word.
I wanted to say hello to Gary at the dinner, but couldn't battle through the throng of BLNs.
by C60 October 08, 2008
BLN refers to Berlin, and is used in the Jahcoozi song entitled "BLN." The song is in response to the hype surrounding LDN.
The hedonist and bohemian scene is massive in the BLN!
by KiKiCoture March 26, 2008
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