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Bureau of Land Management ( people with short pants )
Yogi Bearr & Bo-bo's ranger watch ! BLM close public lands so Mr. ranger can keep city people from walking around dah woods.
by sinbad_duke_of_east_los April 28, 2007
Bureau of Livestock and Mining, according to Ed Abbey.
Largest land owner in the US; provider of free camping.
Aka:Bureau of Land Management
Zeke: Should we camp by the glowing uranium pile?
Ephraim: No, how 'bout over there by the cow diarhea?
Zeke: Man, this BLM land makes great camping!
by diabloblanco October 06, 2005
"Brazilian Love Machine"
How many ladies is that guy with? Dang he must be a BLM!
by blm February 02, 2003
NOT Joe Millionaire
Evan Marriott ... BLM he is NOT.
by o blm February 03, 2003
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