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Bad Life Choices
To be used when someone says or does something that will inevitably make their lives shittier and/or lead to years of regret.
"I'm thinking about getting a labret plate/ lower back tatoo/ becoming a bagel head..."
"Yeah, because you definitely won't regret that 20 years from now. B.L.C."

Whatever starts off as a impulsive choice based on fleeting youth or can be explained with "YOLO" is most likely a B.L.C.
by zshXP December 03, 2012
Big Latin Cock. Usually found in good looking spanish guys with a penis 9'' inches or bigger. They are usually the best ones in bed and most romantic. 78% of girls agree that spanish men are best in bed.
She had sex with this spanish guy that had a blc.
by Cvalencia7 November 19, 2011
stands for the Biggest Little City--also known as Reno, Nevada. It is known for this by the Reno arch that is right in downtown Reno that displays this saying. Reno 911 shows it in its credits!
"Hey man heading back to the BLC tomorrow?"
by eylassie June 26, 2009
big league chew, as in that girl has a big shredded pussy that looks like some big league chew. Has had sex with errybody in the entire world, even peter griffin.
That girl looks like she is BLC!

"Know what I havent had in a while? Big League Chew!"
maaaan she really has had sex with everybody, even Peter Griffin!

by chloe bologna November 06, 2007
blond lesbian coalition
by Anonymous October 11, 2003