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Acronym for "Blow Job Machine." Typically associated with a sexually promiscuous female. Additionally, this term is used in the adjective form as a title.

Note: "BJM" may not necessarily be limited to a frequent provider of oral intercourse. It may include vaginal and anal as well.
Example 1: She sucked off 3 men in one night? What a BJM!

Example 2: BJM Candice just hooked up with your younger brother, better get him tested!
by RECLA1M3R September 25, 2010
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acronym for Blow Job Machine. A bjm is someone who is known for giving head and doing it well.
Dude I hooked up with the bjm last night. It was awesome.
by champhamp27 September 15, 2010
stands for Ban Junk Mail; a piece of white trash
He is such a BJM
by JoeDoe November 03, 2003

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