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Pimp style ebonic english for bitch. A Bizyatch is normally a fine piece of female buttocks. On the contrary, the term 'bitch' refers to an extreamly cranky crack-hoe.
"Daaaayum, I'd like ta tap that BIZYATCH in ta booootay!!!!"
by CHIEF CHEESE March 28, 2005
Roots: Ebonics.
Primary usage: African Americans, white Americans who want to be cool.

A combination of words bitch and business. The word could be a sly way of calling someone a bitch while ostensibly telling them to mind their own business.
That fat cow from HR kept prodding me about my past employment records and if I had any convictions. Finally I had to tell her that it was none of her bizyatch! Needless to add, I am still seeking gainful employment.
#bitch #inquisitive #nosy #curious #annoying #nosy female #nosy bitch #interfering
by johnny crap August 28, 2007
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