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Bitch I'd Never Fuck
because she is fat, nasty, ugly ... a BITCH
yo, lauren wants to hang out with me. i might bang her tonight
ew dude, she is one fucking BINF
by Gronk88 June 05, 2011
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A contraction of bioinformatics.

Something associated with the study or practice of bioinformatics.

Particularly, things that are esoteric and sterotypically or uniquely related to bioinformatics/bioinformaticans.

Synonym: Bfx
that guy is a massive binf.

thats pretty binf
by R 4 lyfe May 19, 2011
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A word that just came to be one day while being drunk, as all good things were probably found when drunk.
Used as an insult to anyone and anything.
What a binf, he took my drink.
He looks like a snowman, the fat binf.
by Martin Blackburn April 07, 2004
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