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(you say it bimmmmmmm) BALLS IN MY MOUTH. A game in which edible balls such as m&m's and reeses peaces are thrown into eachothers mouths. The ones that do not make it in are picked up and thrown again for another round. Games usually continue untill the balls run out or the players are feeling sick.
person 1:Yo, what are you doing?

person 2: Playing BIMM!

person 1: omg i love that game!
by ur mommm November 07, 2006
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Boybands in my mouth

1. Teasty band on the cusp of becoming famous.

2. Wanting various boyband members peens in your mouth.
1. "OMG I totally saw BIMM in concert last night!!"

2. *fans self* NSYNC! Yum! Can you say BIMM?

by D-Shawty March 29, 2009
Barfed In My Mouth; Barf In My Mouth
When Fat Sheila wears that skirt to the office, it makes me BIMM.
by Dan Sharfin November 21, 2005

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