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Bad In Bed: sexually unsatisfying
Man, that girl was so B.I.B. that after she left I had to find some porn.
by AnyMouse November 30, 2005
Big itchy ball syndrom
I was out with a skank last night and now I have BIBS.
by Robbbbbbbbbbbbbb June 08, 2006
A noun used to replace profane curse words such as "hell" or "fuck".
"What the bibs are you doing?"
"What is your bibs doing in my room?"
by $tefen September 01, 2006
Bro Influencing Bro Syndrome

When one "bro" makes a decision and all other "bro's" follow immediately.

When "bro's" can't think for themselves because they have too many "bro's" thinking for them.
Bro #1: Yo dude, you should dump your slampiece.

***1 minute later: Facebook relationship status of Bro #2 is SINGLE***

Bro #2: Bro, I'm now single, let's find slammin biddies!

Ex Girlfriend: My ex has bad case of B.I.B.S!
by SPD (SlamPiece Dimes) September 29, 2011
Bullies in Blue.
The Bibs are beating the demonstrators
by Odalisque November 22, 2009
Big is Beautiful. Relates to the view that big, heavy wmen are beautiful in their own right and to the men who find such women attractive.
A woman weighing 180 pounds is especially attractive to men (or other women) who think BiB- Big is Beautiful.
by wingate2u January 17, 2009
Overalls. They type that arent tight like a farmer and they are saggy.
Holly had her bibs on today but, she didn't look like no farmer!
by frog4lunch November 06, 2003
An acronym for "bank-in-a-box." Also known as an automated teller machine, or an ATM. The term BIB (pronounced same as those things that go around a baby's neck to keep food off them, not spelled out ) was created due to its curiously British sounding tone while being an entirely American creation from the Boston, MA area. (Though some may argue that this still basically does make it British.)
Some friends are walking into a bar. One turns to the other and says, "I need some cash. Hold up a second, I'm gonna hit up the BIB."
by TheGreatGeekOfBoston November 17, 2009