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An abbreviation standing for "Bitches Got Jealous" used in situations where an action or invent you completed did, indeed, make bitches envious of you.
Mindy- What happened at the party last night?

Ashley- Bret spent the whole night paying attention to me and no one else. BGJ
by Killerklaire November 01, 2009
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An abbreviation standing for "Big Gay Joe." This abbreviation is typically used when Joe is going out on a bender and gets into a state of excessive toxicity. A person may yell out "BGJ" in a loud deepened voice to announce his arrival to any event. Under most situations, "BGJ" must be monitored very carefully as he is the type of human that is considered a wildcard in most recreational drinking endeavors. With all this aside, "BGJ" is a great friend that always keeps things interesting.
--Joe walks into the room with a 24--

Human - "BGJ!!!"
by MrLarson December 09, 2012

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