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Best Girlfriend Ever. Buying shoes, renting hotel rooms, trying everything, and being worth it are signs of this girl. Makes big, dumb smiles come into play as often as one thinks about her. These smiles light up entire rooms.
"Sheeit, man, did you just turn on the halogen bulbs again?"
"Nah, dude. Just thought about the BGE. Sorry."
by sweetiethatsadog May 24, 2007
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A Bisexual Group of elves
OMFG! A BGE walking down the street holding hands!
by Wedgibi69 May 03, 2006
brilliant glowing erection
the sexspecialist was so hot in bed that after the first hour I had a bge
by CriostoirHulme August 05, 2005
Bisexual Group of Elves
Look theres a BGE!!!
by Wedgibi69 April 28, 2006

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