Big Fat Tom is an obese white guy who drowns his inadequacies in the purchase of expensive stereo equipment followed by bouts of overeating and self-loathing. Big Fat Tom's main goal in life is to attain Seanernetery, but he knows deep down that that is impossible. One so fat can never be so fit!
Big Fat Tom can bench press his own weight, but ask him to do a pullup, lmao!
by Seanernet January 12, 2005
Top Definition

Big Fake Tits.

An abbreviation for an obviously augmented set of ta-tas.
Woah! Last week she was flat now those honkers are ginormous. I bet she got a set of BFTs.
by rpetras May 04, 2008
If you live in a small hick town it means- Big Fucking Truck
Dude did you see Cletus burning out with his BFT today?

Ya, I think he was going home to kiss his sweetie with his fist.
by Eric_Wright June 13, 2007
'bout fucking time

When you wait someone to respond or similar.
Jim says, "Hey man"
5 minutes later
Rick says, "hey"
Jim says, "bft"
by Craig Houston August 26, 2004
Big Floppy Tits

As in Big Floppy Tits the acronym
Me: Man that Sarah girl got some B.F.T.
by Conaaah November 05, 2007
Butt Fuck Texas. Way out in the middle of nowhere.
I'm not going there, that place is way out in B.F.T.dude!!!
by synt@x February 16, 2007
Big F-ing Truck

Mo Mo and Toshanda be ridin' in the BFT with Skinny Dip and Cletus
by Bosheeka October 14, 2003
Blunt Force Trauma. An extremely powerful marijuana blunt that causes trauma to ones psyche, allowing the affected person to only repeat the word "dude" over and over wal staring at a wall.
Ted. dude

Me. What

Ted. dude

Me. What. And why are you staring at the wall

Ted. dude

Me. Fuck BFT again ted fuckin light weight.
by Sirjackass January 03, 2012
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