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Best Friends Forever... DURING THE SEASON.

When 2 people, be it guy or gal. Swear they are

BFF, during a sport's season, lets use soccer for instance.
They upload pics, post statuses, become relatives on facebook and hang out . Then season's over, they hand in their uniforms, and hand in all that love you forever crap with it. And suddenly one person is " awfully busy" and can no longer chill. That person is usually the mini hitler, to the friends of the person who actually believed they would be BFF.
Dude 1 : Yo since when does Vivianne hang out with that

white-ass girl Nicky?

Dude 2 : Yo Vivianne, is brazilian you know she's only dealing with that hannah montana shit till seasons over.

Dude 1 : a case of BFFDTS?

Dude 2 : yes, a mild one tho, they never got married on facebook.
by chica212 November 12, 2010
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