A common term used by girls during text messages or in the process of making friends. It stands for BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, BUTT FUCK FRIENDS, BIG FAT FUCK.
Your my BFF now lets go do some fun stuff with each other at the mall or in the bed.
by AeilSpear October 14, 2007
people that are part of your life. There always there for you. They are understanding and you love them like your family.They dont judge you and like you for who you are.Bff means best friends for ever.
Yay charolotte,sydney,emma,alyssa,jessie, and rosie are my bffs.
by andreawinditup April 16, 2007
1. Best Friends Forever, mainly used by girls.
2. Boyfriend Forever.
1. Me and her are friends for life, we are BFF!
2. He will be my BFF.
by Nanda June 29, 2006
true definition: BEST FUCK FOREVER
were bffs. nough sed
by somdipshit January 20, 2008
Easily used to describe someone as a "big fucken fag"
-ahaha Bff
best friends forever?
by Juston October 05, 2007
best fat friend! n. a person of rotund proportions that commonly sleeps with a body pillow!
Chris K. and Patrick L. are BFFs. They both love their body pillows.
by Lenae & Dana September 12, 2008
Butt Fucked Forever

Meaning you got screwed over,
Used like SOL
"Dude last night was lame"
"Yea you're BFF""
by Shian August 03, 2007

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