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1. Internet and computer slang for "Big Fiery Ball Visible From Space" originally coined by the Sims 2 & 3 community and J. M. Pescado, the owner of More Awesome Than You (MATY)

2. commonly used to explain a corruption or crash of a Sims game, that often results in having to re-install the whole game.
Person 1: I don't know what happened to my game! It crashed and it wont re-start!

Person 2: Yeah, you have a BFBVFS. You need to re-install your game, because all the SimPE in the world wont help you now.

Person 1: Aww... crud.
by imnotgoingtotellyousoha January 22, 2012
abbr. Big Fiery Ball Visible from Space.

Computer slang for crash.
I installed the latest patch and it turned my game into a BFBVFS!
by Richi3f November 27, 2009

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