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A highly underrated game that was created by DICE. This game is put under constant stress in game reviews by MW2 fanboys who cant grow a pair and admit that there is a better game than MW2. All in all though, the two games are very different. BFBC2 is a tactical shooter and MW2 is a run and gunner. The play for BFBC2 is alot more realistic than MW2 because of vehicles to use, no n00b tubes( there are Grenade Launchers but they arent easy to use for kills), no overpowered guns and destruction 2.0. The only advice I can give is put down MW2 and Pick up BFBC2. You wont be sorry
BFBC2:*kicks crap out of MW2 with Team* Good job Team were Number 1 now
by KingOKills August 03, 2010
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BFBC 2 is a short term word for Battlefield Bad Company 2
Hey dude you got BFBC 2?
by Bad Company Addict March 31, 2010

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