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Big Drama Queen. Used in describing Male behavior. Generally when the guy thinks he is a "guys guy" devoid of emotional reaction; yet he is an uber-sensitive type
Rob: That was not a very nice comment.
Liz: Oh get over yourself it was just a joke
Rob: Yeah but I don't say things like that to you.
Liz: Please, You are such a BDQ
by yesIknow.. May 02, 2009
BDQ is an acronym for a common phenomenon known as a Badly Defined Queue where it is difficult to tell who is in the queue and who is standing around not in the queue.
I wish they would get some organistation in this place. Talk about a BDQ!
by mids99 July 30, 2009
This means that something is "Ball Dipping Quality". Meaning that you would screw that person.
Wow she is B D Q. Hell yeah she is!
by Joe Merlette December 13, 2006
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