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bringing back the fire.
term used for couples who get back together.
joe: "dude, jenny and i are back together. can you believe it after all these years she still have feelings for me!?!"

dana: "so you two are bringing back the fire huh?!?"
by princess mafia August 22, 2005
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BBTF is the short form of Blinded by the Fire. BBTF started with the a homeless guy giving an old used condom to the band which allowed them to play a new tuning on guitar that inspires old men and women to attack each other to live out the dreams that helps the leader king Puffy to kill the knights of Ni. BBTF is well known for its lack of band practices but yet they still sound great during a gig. There indie, metal, punk, rock style has been tested to solve the mystery of the caramilk candy bar. The band has been currently been trying to find the time for there 2st band practice to work on there first song.
Lady - "Did you hear about BBTF there so sexy and hot, me and my friend are going to kill each other and some old guy"
by Cowyman December 29, 2010
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Bareback Titfuck. Analagous to the BBBJ (Bareback Blow Job). A titfuck without condom.
Glad to meet you, friendly prostitute. Do you provide BBTF?
by randy jackson 5 November 21, 2011
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