shorthand for Bridge Base Online,the most popular and best free website for bridge players in the world.
Tom:Would you please log in to BBO to play a few hands,Bill?

Bill:Why not?
by [Young] ZHENG April 21, 2008
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bad bitches only
just broke up, ladies ?
by whoamI. October 30, 2011
Bitch Back Off
Raul:BBO ho
by RCAR August 10, 2009
1)Acronym for Bad Bitches Only.
2) No fat Bitches
3)No hoes
4)No relationships
Fat Hoe: Hey babe you're cute;)
Man: B.B.O

Fat Hoe: What?
Man: Get Outta here...
by Barrbarian May 17, 2011
Being bored online.
Last night I was so bbo I started reading the news.
by biggiesmartypants June 27, 2010
Big Bunch of Smileys - used as a friendly and cheerful way to end correspondence.
Hi S,
Your present arrived thank you - it's just what I always wanted.
by fonz_ayyyy June 08, 2011
BBO stands for Beyond Body Odor - an unbelieveable case of BO

This phrase was coined during The Smellly Car episode of Seinfeld. There was an instance of BBO after Jerry valet parked his car due to the rancid case of BO the valet had.
George Costanza: "Oh, this isn’t even BO! This is beyond BO! It’s BBO”
by tcufrog08 April 18, 2008
big bag of skunk, large bag of cannabis seedless bud
i hav a BBOS
by tismetheneph February 26, 2004

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