Big Bowel Movement. When one has a larger than usual bowel movement.

Also Why Black Berry Messenger's abbreviation of BBM is poorly planned.
1.) I had a huge dinner last night and just had a BBM, someone should clear the toilet.

2.) Pull the car over, I need to take a BBM.
by Uselessman81 August 04, 2010
beautiful black male
Me: I was at the club last night and saw tyrell

Friend: Damn girl! hes such a BBM!
by inthisclub March 16, 2010
An abbreviation for the phrase "big black meat" certain males of african american heritage like to use this saying to refer to there rather large penis.
Fields- whatup hoes.

Hoes- not much fields just chillin wad u do last night?

Fields- oh you know man just chilled wit some girls they loved the bbm.
by FieldsIV September 08, 2009
Brighton Beach Mexican, or simply Stalin
Look at that BBM

That's a real stalin
by Killlllaaaaaa April 09, 2010
A term used for a female with a big booty whose name starts with the letter "M".
Damn check out BBM (Big booty Mel) today she lookin' fine with that booty.
by Meltani August 11, 2009
Short for "Broke Back Mountain", the most famous homo movie that got into the theatre. Basically it is another way to say "homo" or "fag" or "gay shit".
"why are David and Johnny always together?"

"dude, i think they're (into) BBM."

"no way?!"
by Darren Louis April 15, 2008
The initials that stand for a woman with extremely large breasts. B=Big, B=Boobs, M=McGee. Therefore, B+B+M=Big Boobs McGee.
"Dang man, check out BBM over there!"
by Josh March 05, 2005

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