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BBC = Big Bag of Crazy
Person 1: Hey what happened with you and that crazy bitch?
Person 2: Man that hoe was a BBC...I just couldn't handle her shit anymore
by Jonzies September 15, 2007
5 35
Originally from a TV movie called "Billionaire Boys Club" adapted by a group of three young men in Vineland, New Jersey as a moniker for their small group friends.
In this case, BBC means "Bond Boys Club". The reason the original members of the BBC used the association with Bond is: James Bond is the ultimate at getting out of trouble, just like the members of the BBC.
Original members include:
William C. O'Neill
Rob Evans
Farrukh Kazmi

Additional Sub-members included:
Bradford P. Stadler
Isaac Kaitz

Those who thought they were BBC but never were:
Lou Marandino
"What's BBC mean? If I told you, I'd have to kill you."
by BBC POSSE March 31, 2005
64 94
Short for Big Block Chevy
The Nova has a BBC
by lambe October 24, 2003
16 49
Big Beautiful Cock - a large, attractive penis; 7+ inches in length with a sizable girth
may be used in adult ads for sexual encounters, "BBW seeks BBC for some late night fun." Race is not critical for this acronym. What IS critical is that the penis be large (length and girth), and attractive (proportional, visually stimulating.)
by Jiggly Giggly December 24, 2006
21 58
Called Belgrade Broadcastion Corporation due to impartial coverage of NATO offensive in ex-Yugoslavia. They're really, REALLY serious about the 'impartial' part.
"Switch to BBC, the peeps on CNN have started crying again"
by bllah January 08, 2004
7 50
Blades Buisness Crew, Notorios sheffield united ooligans
My old man said be a wednesday fan and i said fuck off bollocks your a cunt
by Stanislaus July 18, 2004
16 61
brilliant breast co-ordination
A group of men went to a strip club at lunch time and looked
lustfully at a woman who was tempting them with her bbc
by Stias August 11, 2005
4 51