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The Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts. A performing arts magnet school in Buffalo, NY. Commonly abbreviated as BAVPA or PA, the school has five majors that you must audition for to attend the school. The majors include Art, Music, Theater, Dance, and Communications. The school has a 40% white population, 10% Hispanic Population, and a 50% black population. The halls are filled with dancing, singing, and drama (the acting one). Art majors kids like to draw things, and duct tape their classmates to the walls. Communications majors are the ones that don't do work, art majors are the "different" ones, music has the awesome black people, dance has the meanest people, and theater has the most attractive and popular ones. The school has a variety of stupid rules that nobody ever follows. It's pretty much the "place to be" school in Buffalo NY.
"woah man, you got into bavpa!"

"yeah, I'm a art major!"

"oh. cool? i'm going to city honors"

"well have fun with that. *jealous stare*"
by performingarts October 03, 2009
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